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Throughout the trading week on Stockpickr Answers, investing professionals answer questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.


Dan Fitzpatrick

answered questions on Tuesday.

Recently on his TV series "

3 Stocks I Saw on TV

," Fitzpatrick examined the charts of










Here are some questions and comments from the Stockpickr community that Fitzpatrick responded to on Tuesday. You might have to scroll through to find his answers.

If you're placing a buy on a highly liquid stock such as the PowerShares QQQ ( QQQQ), do you usually use a market order? I've missed big up moves by theI-bid-a-penny-too-low problem, but I find it hard mentally to sacrifice the extra penny by using a market order. Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

Many of the charts of the oil-related stocks are looking very similar. What are your favorites in this sector currently? Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

Are you playing the swine flu news? I'm looking at getting into Sinovac .Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

I am thinking of buying Freeport-McMoRan in the $38-to-$35 range on the recent decline in price. What do you think?Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

Why does trading get halted on a stock? For example, with Dendreon ?Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

If you get stopped out of a stock you like and then it turns around and goes higher, do you get back in where you bought it? Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

If this "recovery" rally does have legs, and if we believe the VIX will gradually fall, then wouldn't it be prudent to sell out of the money puts to take advantage of these high levels of premium? Click here for Fitzpatrick's response.

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