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Wednesday, Jim Cramer responded to a new batch of questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

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  • While the analysts on RealMoney's pages are fumbling through textbooks tryingto come up with Great Depression and Black Plague analogies, I wouldn't besurprised to see the OP EX crowd push the market up the next few days like theyhave the last few months on OP EX week. There is enough bearish news in crude to support a near-term pullback; let's see if rationality and supply-demand metrics work out.
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  • Is there anyone out there buying Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) - Get Report? I sold at $2.48 and $2.40. Big mistake but it had come back at this level again. Will it be worth taking the chance again?
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  • What do you think Research in Motion( RIMM) goes up to?
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  • I have been watching Precision Castparts (PCP) since earnings and it has tanked from $130 to $100, briefly going under $100. I understand it's in the aerospace andit may be down, but the past two days it has been up nicely to $107. Is now the time to start a position?The earnings were great. Everything looked good but when oil started to go up it went down, but I think if oil goes down soon, this may get a pop. Any thoughts?
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  • Peabody Energy (BTU) - Get Report has a P/E of 96. Is this ridiculous? This is getting way too lofty -- $90 a share. Short it?
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  • Buys too late for today. ... For tomorrow?Apple (AAPL) - Get Report? Google (GOOG) - Get Report?Sociedad Quimica (SQM) - Get Report?
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  • Over the past two years, I have been slowly moving my money from mutual funds to dividend stocks with OK results. To take a play in China, however, I bought AGF China Focus which did great for a while but lately stinks. Why has my China fund done so poorly lately when we keep hearing that oil and fertilizer prices are accelerating in large part to uninhibited growth in China and India? Is there a better way to play China like buying Potash (POT) and Agrium (AGU) or am I too late for that?
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