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You Ask, Cramer Answers

Jim Cramer answers a question on his $80-to-$120 stock theory.


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, Jim Cramer has responded to a load of questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

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Here are a few of the questions from the Stockpickr Answers archives to which Cramer responded. (Note: You may have to scroll through several answers to see Cramer's.)

  • My family of six watch you faithfully from the 9 year-old down to the 2 year-old, and you keep their interest just like the cartoons do. I really believe they have to make a Mad toons for kids -- you know, Jimmy Cramer as a kid.
    Click here for Cramer's response.
  • On "Mad Money" you mentioned that your "$80 stocks to $100" theory only holds in a bull market. Do you mean a sector bull market (whatever sector the stock is in) or an all-market bull run?
    Click here for Cramer's answer to this question.

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