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Jim Cramer answers questions on railroad stocks, Annaly and more.
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Friday and yesterday, Jim Cramer responded to a new batch of questions posed by members of the Stockpickr community.

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Here are a few of the questions to which Cramer recently responded. (Note: You may have to scroll through several answers to see Cramer's.)

  • I went back through my homework today on Annaly (NLY) - Get Report. I still see no reason this stock should not do well going foward if the Fed continues to lower rates. Nice dividend and a good third quarter in a tough environment. The stock gets lumped in with the rest of the financials, which is a mistake. Is there any reason not to make this stock a core holding?
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  • If regulation returns to the rails business, what will that mean for the likes of Burlington Northern (BNI) , Union Pacific (UNP) - Get Report, CSX (CSX) - Get Report and Norfolk Southern (NSC) - Get Report? They have been debating regulating the rails in Congress recently; what will happen to the rail stocks if regulation returns?
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  • For those interested, here's information from Transocean (RIG) - Get Report on the breakdown of its merger with GlobalSantaFe (GSF) as it relates to dividends and shares.
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  • I've heard a lot of chatter lately about how oil is due for a significant pullback to $40. While anything can happen, in my opinion it is very unlikely to drop that low with China booming and other developing nations picking up speed. If the U.S. dollar continues to weaken, doesn't that make foreign oil more expensive for us here in the U.S.? If that's the case then I'm wondering why I keep hearing talk about $40 oil. I'm long Transocean and want to be sure my thesis on oil is right.
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  • I keep hearing about Frontline Shipping (FRO) - Get Report and the high dividends it pays, but I don't recall you recently talking about it. The company just announced net income is down 75% and revenue is down 32%. Do you think there's hope?
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(Editor's note: Cramer owns Transocean and Union Pacific for his Action Alerts PLUS charitable trust.)

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