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Yahoo Japan Tells Entire Workforce They Can Work From Home

The company will also fly employees into the office if necessary.
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Yahoo Japan is one of the companies leading the way in the work from home revolution, telling its 8,000 employees that they can work from anywhere in the country. 

The new policy takes effect April 1. The company will even fly workers into work when the job requires. 

"As a result of dialogues with employees and various surveys, 90% of the employees said that their work performance did not change or improve, so Yahoo decided to liberalize the place where employees live in Japan," Yahoo Japan President Kentaro Kawabe tweeted this week. 

However, Kawabe did acknowledge the "power of the office" in the company's decision to make use of air travel for occasional office work. 

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Kawabe also said that management's perspective is that having a central hub for workers is "irresistible."

"However, rather than tying employees to the office, we have turned to focus on improving employee well-being and the motivation and creativity that results from it," Kawabe said. 

According to, about 18% of employees across the world work remotely full-time. However, 44% of companies don't allow their employees to work remotely at all. 

In 2021, 70% of people who worked from home during the pandemic report virtual meetings are less stressful and 64% now prefer hybrid meetings, according to a report by Owl Labs

 A study by Stanford of 16,000 workers over nine months found that working from home increased productivity by 13%.