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Why Nvidia Should Replace Netflix In FAANG Portfolio

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The FAANG ( (FB) ) ( (AMZN) )( (AAPL) )( (NFLX) )( (GOOGL) )portfolio has been a top performer since Jim Cramer coined the acronym in 2013. But market pressures and societal changes are prompting a revamping of the moniker and the portfolio of stocks it represents.

One consensus seems to be that it's time for Netflix to go, but what should replace it, and what additional stocks could broaden the scope of the sector?

In this excerpt from the latest episode of Real Talk, Debating the Death of FAANG, Real Money's Chris Versace, Kevin Curran, and Katherine Ross offer their picks for what could replace some of the FAANG stocks and which ones should be eliminated from the group.

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Other stocks discussed in this video:  (FB) (MSFT) (NVDA)

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