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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Technology has improved a lot things in today's world but face-to-face contact is still an important factor for many people, says Joe Plumeri. 

Plumeri, author of The Power of Being Yourself: A Game Plan for Success, vice chairman ofFirst Data's board of directors and the former CEO of Willis Group Holdings (WSH) , says he ended up in the financial business by accident. 

While looking for a law firm down on Wall Street, he found himself in the offices of brokerage Carter Berlin & Weill. However, Plumeri said he impressed management while he was in the  office, was hired and eventually worked his way into the senior ranks. 

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That's why he know that while technology is great, you've still got to show up, he said. "Technology should be on behalf of people, not instead of people." 

That's also true in the brokerage world. While many Baby Boomers and those from older generations may prefer to speak directly to a broker, Millennials and younger generations prefer to handle their investments online.

However, like all humans, those younger generations will likely appreciate the human-to-human interactions once there is money on the line, he said.