NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Investors are worried about whether the Federal Reserve will remain "patient" on raising interest rates after its two-day meeting that started Tuesday.

But Steven Wieting, global chief investment strategist at Citi Private Bank, said investors are considering a potential interest-rate hike from the wrong perspective: The Fed wouldn't be considering tightening fiscal policy if the economy wasn't strong enough to justify it.  

That means investors should realize a strengthening economy is a bullish catalyst for stocks, said Wieting. He is, thus, bullish on U.S. stocks and even likes European stocks -- as long as investors are hedged against the rapidly deteriorating euro. 

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He is also bullish on Asian equities. When the price of oil comes down, those emerging markets will have more money and thus more flexibility in their fiscal policies as their economies continue to strengthen.

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However, oil-producing countries in Latin America and the Middle East will have the opposite problems as prices continue to decline. That's why he thinks investors looking for an opportunity in oil should do so with a longer timeframe.