Bitcoin went from being a relatively obscure digital currency through most of 2017 to becoming the lead story on national news broadcasts that normally ignore financial news. 

That rise in exposure brought a spike in prices that took early investors for a wild ride, bringing the value of a single bitcoin up from below $1,000 at the start of the year to as high as $19,800 by the time it topped out in December. 

Since then, the cryptocurrency has come back down to earth in an equally abrupt fashion, finding a bottom around the $10,000 threshold. 

TheStreet LIVE: Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Volatility has not scared all investors away, however, and the panel featured in today's exclusive eventTheStreet LIVE: Investing in Cryptocurrencies , webcast featuring top blockchain and cryptocurrency authorities gave some advice for investors looking to get in on the craze.

James Altucher, a noted bitcoin and cryptocurrency commenter, is extremely bullish not just on bitcoin, but the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

"Find companies that are technology suppliers and receivers in this space as they will go higher because the cryptocurrency space is here to stay and will grow man multiples," Altucher said. 

Oliver Pursche, chief market strategist at Bruderman Brothers, has investments in cryptocurrencies -- he estimates that less than 1% of his net worth is tied up in crypto -- but he is less bullish on the space. 

He is invested in four different cryptocurrencies and says he fully prepared for at least two of them to go to zero. 

"Proceed very cautiously with investing in crypto. Be prepared for a lot of volatility," Pursche said. 

Kathleen Moriarty's, partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP, advice could be applied generally to any asset someone invests in. "Proceed very cautiously with investing in crypto. Be prepared for a lot of volatility," Moriarty said. 

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