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Royal Caribbean (RCL) - Get Royal Caribbean Group Report has a major asset in its Perfect Day at CocoCay private island. 

Since the island's 2019 revamp, it has a dock that can accommodate two ships of any class, multiple beaches, the largest pool in the Caribbean, multiple dining venues, an added-fee water park, kids play areas, extra-cost zip lines, sports courts, and a near-endless amount of picturesque scenery.

CocoCay gives Royal Caribbean a private destination that its rivals Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) - Get Carnival Corporation Report, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) - Get Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Report, and even Walt Disney (DIS) - Get The Walt Disney Company Report can't rival. 

And while the free areas of CocoCay offer more than enough to do — you can spend the day between the various beaches, the pool, and perhaps, the swim-up bar without spending an added dime (aside from drinks unless you have a drink package) — it also offers a premium, added-fee beach club experience. 

I've been to CocoCay numerous times since the revamped island opened. 

Normally, I don't spend any extra money because I'm perfectly happy spending the morning at the pool, moving to the beaches once the party crowd settles into the pool, and grabbing some food at the free barbecue/taco buffet.

On a recent three-day weekend trip on Freedom of the Seas, however, I splurged for access to the private beach club.

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A Day at the CocoCay Beach Club

Prices vary for the CocoCay Beach Club, likely on a demand-based basis. 

I've seen entry cost less than $100 and get close to $200. 

For the price of admission you get access to a private club on the island that has a beautiful infinity pool as well as a restaurant, which is included with admission, and a bar.

Drinks are not included but your onboard drink package is accepted.

There are also shaded lounge chairs available both near the pool and at the beach. 

It's a much quieter area than the Oasis pool, which is the main pool available for free, but kids are allowed so while it's more peaceful, it's not always fully peaceful.

The beach may be the nicest one on CocoCay. 

It offers crystal clear waters where you can see fish, as well as the occasional small shark, stingray, or barracuda. 

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That's not to say the free beaches aren't nice — it's all the same ocean — but the Beach Club offers stunning views.

And while the Oasis pool is massive, it has more of a party vibe with a DJ playing music and people gathering around the swim-up bar. 

The Beach Club pool seems empty by comparison and it provides a clear view of the ocean.

Lunch at the CocoCay Beach Club

Aside from the exclusivity of simply being in an area many people can't go to, the main draw at the Beach Club is its restaurants. 

Diners eat in open air with appetizers, at least since the pandemic return, being offered in a sort of bento box style. 

You could, of course, ask for individual orders, but the box lets you sample the hummus, ceviche, shrimp cocktail, and a couple of other items. 

The appetizers were all fine, nothing special, with the shrimp being better quality than what you get in the main dining room onboard, but not as nice as what you normally get in a specialty restaurant.

When it comes to the entrees, however, the Beach Club restaurant does a far better job. 

The menu highlight is clearly a grilled Bahamian lobster which comes with much better french fries than the cruise line offers anywhere onboard as well as some grilled vegetables. 

It's an already split lobster served with a garlic saffron aioli, which honestly makes you wish for drawn butter.

There's also a lobster sandwich where the crustacean's meat is fried, a Caesar salad, a hamburger, grilled prawns and grilled grouper. 

For meat lovers, there's a filet mignon served  with roasted vegetables, roasted garlic potatoes, and a chimichurri sauce. 

For people who like neither meat nor seafood, there's also a thyme-roasted chicken breast paired with rum-soaked pineapple sauce,

All of these entrees equal the fare you would get at an onboard specialty restaurant. 

It's clearly an elevated meal from the BBQ, tacos, burgers, and snacks offered in the free parts of the island.

Desserts stood out as well led by the Bahamian Rum Soaked Cake, which is surprisingly light, and the caramel and chocolate brownie, which is most certainly not. 

Is the CocoCay Beach Club Worth It?

As a solo traveler, who almost always buys an upgraded dining package on the ship, I'm not sure the added expense was worth it just for a nice meal, a quiet pool, and a slightly better beach. 

It's an elegant area that feels exclusive, but the main draw is the food and, on the day I was there, I had a 6 p.m. reservation at Chops, the onboard steakhouse, so eating a steak or lobster for lunch felt like a bit much.

On a trip where I'm traveling with an older, less mobile relative, however, the CocoCay Beach Club would be worth it because the beach, pool, and restaurant are all very close together. 

Royal Caribbean has done an excellent job in creating a premier experience, but given how much the island offers for free, I'm not sure it's something I'll pay for all that often.   

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