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What Are Critics Saying About 'The Bob's Burgers Movie'?

One of Disney's quirkiest cartoons is finally hitting the big screen.

Despite what the name may imply, “Bob’s Burgers” has been pop culture’s light treat for more than a decade.

Created by the animator and producer Loren Bouchard, the series debuted in 2011. It follows the adventure of the Belcher family, who own the titular restaurant and try to eke out a living. 

Bob Belcher (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is the frustrated every man, and his wife Linda (John Roberts) his loopy but supportive wife. 

Rounding out the cast are the adorable Belcher Family, the precocious Gene (Eugene Mirman), the firecracker Louise (Kristen Schaal) and Tina (Dan Mintz) patron saint of awkward girls everywhere. 

It’s a show that has a reputation as an easy-going good hang, something to put on after you watch the news and need to feel a bit less despondent about the world. 

But it takes a lot of work to appear effortless, and Bouchard and company deftly balance a lot of tones with “Bob’s Burgers.” 

 It has a pedigree of hipster alt-comedians providing voices (and the theme song is very reminiscent of the twee indie that was in vogue with the Pitchfork set in the late ‘00s) but it never comes off as arch. 

And it’s remained hip enough that the characters once danced their way through a Sleater-Kinney music video.

It’s a blue collar, workplace comedy with an ever present subtext of how hard it is for the working class to survive in America, but it doesn’t hit viewers over the head with its politics. 

It’s also surprisingly progressive in other ways, as it’s had a no-big-deal approach to various gender-fluid characters in the past, including the fan favorite Marshmallow. 

Though there’s always room for improvement, as Bouchard has pledged to get more diversity in the voice talent, which has a lot of men doing women’s voices.

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It’s also very often a musical, with songs that charm and move the plot along in equal measure, without giving off too much of a theater kid vibe.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie Has Been In The Works For A While Now

“Bob’s Burgers” has long been a mainstay on Fox’s Sunday night, serving as a counterbalance to a generation that thinks “The Simpsons” has gotten long-in-the-tooth. 

A film based on the show was first announced in 2017, a full two-years before Disney purchased 21st Century Fox Company in a move that took the industry by surprise. 

“Bob’s Burgers” has been a mainstay on Hulu since the beginning, and has seemingly been completely unaffected by the merger, though it’s unclear if the film will eventually live on Hulu or Disney+.

The film was originally set to premiere in 2020, and we don’t need to tell you why it was delayed. But now it’s here, serving as counter-programming to “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

So it’s been a long-time coming. But is “The Bob's Burgers Movie” worth the wait?

What Are Critics Saying About “The Bob's Burgers Movie”?

Based on early reviews, Bouchard and co-director Bernard Derriman stick to the basics, like any good burger chef would. 

Once again, the family restaurant is in peril, and once again the squabling Belcher clan must find a way to come together to fix it. Beloved guest characters voiced by Jenny Slate and Zach Galifianakis drop by, hijinks and songs ensue, and good vibes follow.

And like a well-grilled patty, that seems to work for most people.

Variety felt like the movie didn't offer anything new, and was completely fine with that.

Consequence felt the movie continued in the sweet-natured tone of the series.

The Hollywood Reporter concurs that it sticks to the "Definitely hewing to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy regarding big-screen versions of long-running television shows."

It seems that the fans are ready.