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Wendy's Tests 3 New Frosty Sundaes

The fast-food chain has tried a Frosty Sundae before, but a new version adds Lucky Charms and Oreos to the mix.

Wendy's (WEN) - Get Wendy's Company Report struggles with dessert.

The chain has lackluster chocolate chip cookies and its famed Frosty -- an ice cream-like treat that's not quite a shake and not quite soft serve. It's a beloved classic that can best be described as a melty shake that's too thick to drink.

Frosty comes in chocolate and vanilla (although other flavors have occasionally been tested) and, while it's loved by many, it's more an accessory to your meal than an actual dessert. Wendy's, however, has dabbled in changing that and on a few occasions over the past few years has released a sundae version of the ice cream-ish treat.

That product, the Frosty Cookie Sundae, was last available in the summer of 2020 and the company described it as follows on its Square Deal Blog.

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A tasty twist on our signature Frosty, it’s made with ice cold, creamy Vanilla Frosty coupled with delicious Chocolate Chunk Cookie bites and topped off with rich Ghirardelli® Chocolate Sauce. The Frosty Cookie Sundae is everything you crave: sweet, just decadent enough and something you can look forward to.

Now, at least in a handful of stores near the company's Columbus, Ohio headquarters, the Frosty Sundae has returned and it's being offered in three different versions.

Wendy's Tests 3 Frosty Sundaes

The fast-food chain has three Frosty Sundae variations being tested in select stores in the Columbus area, Chewboom reported.

  • Marshmallow Charms Frosty Sundae: A Vanilla or Chocolate Frosty topped with Lucky Charms Marshmallows, Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, and whipped cream.
  • Classic Strawberry Frosty Sundae: A Vanilla or Chocolate Frosty topped with sprinkles, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream.
  • Chocolate Lovers Frosty Sundae: A Vanilla or Chocolate Frosty topped Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce, Oreo Cookie pieces, and whipped cream.

Wendy's has not commented on this test publicly nor has it said whether it plans to release any of these new Frosty Sundaes on a national basis. It's common for fast-food chains to test new products -- often in stores near the corporate headquarters -- to gauge consumer interest before making a decision about whether or not to roll the item out on a wider, or even national, level.