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questions about


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and a billion other stocks.

I used to love

Interactive Brokers'

trading platform. I could trade everything on that thing. But I haven't followed the story of the stock

until blogger Winston Kotzan did the deep dive


Please, please can


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keep making 52 week highs

. I don't own it or anything but it's like the one stock that's a proxy for the global economy.

My neighbor, and probably the best trader I've ever seen (I didn't see him have a down week in the 3 years I was following his trades), is moving to Norway to set up a hedge fund. I'm going to write about his techniques at a later time, but here are

the best U.S. stocks to invest in if you want to invest in Norway

. And, believe me, Norway is



247 Wall St speculates on

what Mr. Buffett is up to in the homebuilders


A Dash of Insight describes the relationship between

blackjack and the market

, which harkens back to Ed Thorp's book,

Beat the Dealer

, from the 60s, right before he started a mega hedge fund.






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is back on track with

the announcement of its new $5 billion buyback


The market is almost

fairly valued according to the Fed Model

. However, I'll note that from the 50s through the 90s it was overvalued and still the market went up.


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and others make their way to

the 52-week high list

and we examine the cause.

Phil, Phil, Phil. Please stop mentioning my name whenever you want the Department of Justice to listen to your argument about your rights being taken from you when you have to disclose your positions. Just disclose them like a man! Meanwhile,

here's the blow-by-blow on Phil Goldstein's battles with the SEC


Stay tuned: What will the new




say in his report to shareholders


The Best of John Mackey

will collect the 100 best witticisms and wise sayings from John Mackey, CEO of

Whole Foods Market

( WFMI) in his Yahoo! message board posts.

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