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Wednesday's Daily Blog Watch

Targeting Allied Defense, and collecting comics for fun and profit.

Editor's note: Every morning, James Altucher presents the most timely, topical posts from the Web's best business blogs.


auto stocks are speeding ahead

, and which are off the road? Hint:


(TM) - Get Free Report

is on the road.

This is very telling. Hot or Not was one of the most amazing viral and profitable sites out there. Now it has abandoned its model and

switched from subscription to free



System Trades of the Day

include new trades on



Parametric Technology



Economics post of the day:

The U.S. did not fuel its growth through debt

. Go get 'em, Dash!

Check out Stockpickr's

Stocks Rising on Unusual Volume

, including a continued breakout on

Jones Soda



I've always liked small-cap defense company

Allied Defense Group


. Now Stock Market Beat gives

the full lowdown on the company


Here's how every country in the world has done

during the somewhat volatile first quarter


Ticker Sense looks at how

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Free Report

has historically done

whenever it has recommended


(GOOG) - Get Free Report


Wow, I bet this

presidential primary


News Corp.'s

(NWS) - Get Free Report

MySpace will be interesting.

Bob Chapman, hedge fund activist and partially insane, is my hero. He

does it again

with his 13D letter on

FSI International



Paul Kedrosky looks at the Mercer list of

the world's top 10 cities to live in

ranked by quality of life. To be honest, I don't trust any list that doesn't have NYC as No. 1.

Tommy Weisel, bank extraordinaire,

talks to 10,000 sales outlets

and breaks it down on how


(AAPL) - Get Free Report

is doing.

I've collected comics since I was a kid. But my problem is: I like to read them, which immediately causes them to go down in value to about zero (somehow, I destroy everything I read). takes a look at

what the average annual returns of comics books have been

, and what I might have made if I taken good care of them.

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