Warren Buffett's Top 10 High-Yielding Stocks

The investor banks on U.S. Bancorp and SunTrust.
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Warren Buffett is not a particular fan of dividends. His Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) has never paid a dividend because, in part, he believes there are always better ways to allocate money than to give it back to shareholders in such a tax-inefficient manner as a dividend payment.

That's why I take particular notice when Buffett invests -- and invests big -- in companies that do pay dividends. There aren't too many things that make me happier than if I can both invest side by side with Buffett and get paid on a regular basis through a dividend to do so.

At Stockpickr we keep track of Buffett's holdings in the

Warren Buffett portfolio

. But now we're also keeping track of the

High-Yield Buffett Stocks

, which are the top 10 high-yielding stocks in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

At the top of the list is

U.S. Bancorp

(USB) - Get Report

, which generates a fairly high yield of 4.6%. The Minneapolis-based bank offers a price-to-earnings ratio of 13 and a PEG ratio (P/E relative to growth) of 1.5. The stock was recently added to the portfolio of

RiverSource Dividend Opportunity Fund

(INUTX), which has racked up a three-year average annual return of 13.8%.

By the way, not only does Buffett own shares in U.S. Bancorp, but U.S. Bancorp makes the list of

Who Will Berkshire Buy Next?

, stocks that I believe Buffett's investment vehicle could buy outright.

U.S. Bancorp is also one of the names in the

Steady in Volatile Markets portfolio

, a list of stocks that


believes will do well in a slowing economy. U.S. Bancorp will likely do well in such a scenario because it's been extremely conservative in how it lends out money. In fact, its credit quality actually went up this past year despite the subprime mortgage mess.

Another high-yield Buffett stock is also a bank stock:

SunTrust Banks

(STI) - Get Report

. The stock provides a yield of 3.3%, and the Atlanta-based bank raised its quarterly dividend this year to 73 cents a share, up from 61 cents. The P/E is 15.4, and the PEG is 1.9. The stock is owned by

Viking Global Investors

, a New York hedge fund with $3 billion under management.

SunTrust has been popping up on our Stockpickr list of

Top Insider Purchases and Buybacks

due to a large stock purchase by a director and the company's own plan for a share buyback.


(PTR) - Get Report

is another high-yield Buffett play. The China-based oil and natural gas company has paid dividends every year for the past seven years, working out to a yield of more than 3%.

PetroChina's P/E is 12.5, and its PEG is a low 0.8. The stock was recently added to the portfolio of

U.S. Global Investors Global Res

(PSPFX), which has generated an average annual return of 42.3% over the past three years.

For the rest of these 10 stocks, check out the

High-Yield Warren Buffett Stocks

portfolio at Stockpickr.com.

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