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Scoping Alcoa's past, and getting sweet on Cheesecake Factory.
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These are the highest-yielding stocks with

tax-free dividends


Newsosaur speculates that

New York Times

(NYT) - Get Report

might have to go private

. If it does, I believe the Sulzbergers will win big with the About.com asset.


System Trades of the Day

include trades triggering on

Matrix Service

(MTRX) - Get Report





The OTC Speculator is back! Here's the latest

update to his favorite micro-cap picks.

I have a long story that doesn't normally fit into Blog Watch. In 2003 I was trying to pitch Jack Binion of Binion's Casino to invest in my hedge fund. I went out to Las Vegas to visit him. He said, "OK, let's go out to dinner." I thought this was going to be off the charts. Going out with Jack Binion in Las Vegas. We would be royalty. Instead, we went to

Cheesecake Factory

(CAKE) - Get Report

and waited in line with the rest

. But the food was unbelievable!

The Quant Investor discusses an interesting

calendar-based trading system


Doubleclick is not the only potential acquisition out there.


(GOOG) - Get Report







could be in a race to buy

the largest photo-sharing Web site out there

, Photobucket.


(AA) - Get Report

earnings are tonight. Here's how they've traded

the past 20 times they announced earnings

, both up and down.

Stock Market Beat believes the hit against

Advanced Micro Devices

(AMD) - Get Report

was perhaps too much


Wow! Stockmasters believes

now is the time

to check out


(VG) - Get Report


Here's a quirky list of public

small-cap stocks in the Washington, D.C. area


This is a nice job by 24/7 Wall St. on

analyzing the breakup value


Burlington Northern Santa Fe


prior to the Warren Buffett purchase.

It's just stunning how quickly

the entire music industry fell apart


Well, it had to happen.

More women than men are on the Internet


Marketbeat looks at

the index of the common man

-- the top stocks owned by investment clubs.

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