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Here are

the top potential shorts

based on atmospheric price-to-sales ratios.

Caroline Baum is my favorite non-economist economist. Here she gives us a study guide on

the declining importance of Alan Greenspan



System Trades of the Day

includes trades on


(EGHT) - Get Report





Compete.com analyzes search data and finds that

things are looking pretty good





Notable Calls notes that

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report


Korean auction site


( GMKT).

It turns out buying stocks that are rising on above-average volume is bullish. Here is

our study about how to play this

and here is the latest list of

stocks rising on unusual volume

, including a trade on

Jones Soda


and others.

The StockMasters are bullish on all the stocks

Conan the Barbarian

would go for.

Relational Investors, the activist fund that tore

Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report

in half, is

now going after

Unum Group

(UNM) - Get Report


Extreme activist Bob Chapman

goes crazy

all over

Embarcadero Technologies



Did this

economics study

get a federal grant?

Financial Skeptic believes


(MGA) - Get Report

wants to buy


( DCX).

Today's Ten shares

the top ten reasons Wall Street gave for the selloff

two weeks ago.

Check out the complete examination of


(UST) - Get Report

recent earnings report


Seeking Alpha summarizes the

P/E ratios of all Japanese electronics stocks

, including


(SNE) - Get Report



(MC) - Get Report


Stockpickr forum:

Who is Nancy B



gives the revolution

to Lindsay on Wallstrip.

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