Trump to Sign Order Requiring 'Essential' Drugs Be Purchased From U.S. Firms

The president will sign an executive order requiring the that federal government purchase certain drugs from U.S. manufacturers.

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order requiring the U.S. government to buy "essential" drugs from U.S.-based factories, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said in a conference call Thursday. 

Trump is expected to sign the executive order at a tour of the Whirlpool Corporation in Ohio later today. 

"If we’ve learned anything from the China virus pandemic, it is that we are dangerously over-dependent on foreign nations for our essential medicines, for medical supplies like masks gloves, goggles and medical equipment like ventilators," Navarro said, according to CNBC. 

Navarro took to Twitter to tout the order, saying that it strips away regulatory barriers for domestic pharma manufacturing, while also facilitating the building of the infrastructure needed to keep drug prices low. 

As part of the order, U.S. officials will develop a list of essential medicines and medical supplies that are to be purchased from American factories. 

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The move continues the president's nationalistic approach to governing, reversing the globalist approach his predecessors took. 

The order will also remove some of the regulations U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers face and fast-track the review process to make certain drug ingredients. 

The Trump administration has had a frosty relationship with the pharmaceutical industry in recent weeks, culminating with top pharma executives cancelling their scheduled White House meeting with the president last week. 

That move came after Trump signed an executive order requiring health officials to release a plan linking Medicare payments for certain medicines to lower costs paid overseas. 

The so-called "most-favored nations rule" has been derided by the industry insiders as a constraint on innovation that could lead to a reduction of drug access.