President Donald Trump waded into the General Motors strike on Monday, chastising automakers for shipping jobs overseas and touting his "great relationship" with auto workers. 

In a question and answer session after a meeting with the crown prince of Bahrain, Trump took a question about the strike - "do you stand with the autoworkers," and lobbed a few verbal artillery shells at one of his favorite targets, (GM) - Get Report .

Trump also noted his recent meeting with GM CEO Mary Barra, indicating he had expressed his displeasure with the growth of the automaker's manufacturing footprint outside the U.S.

The automaker has been moving ahead with plans to close four plants in the U.S.

"I don't want General Motors building plants in China and Mexico and I don't think they will be doing that," Trump said. "I don't want these massive auto plants built in other countries."

A spokesperson for GM declined to comment on the president's remarks, with the company, in a statement, stating that negotiations with the union had resumed.

Investors bailed on shares of GM on Monday, driving the stock down 4.25% to $37.21.

Trump also touted his relationship with autoworkers, if not necessarily the union that represents them, the United Auto Workers.

"I have a great relationship with the auto worker," the president said.

It was the second time Trump waded into the strike that began midnight Sunday, with more than 48,000 GM workers walking off the job.

"Here we go again with General Motors and the United Auto Workers," Trump tweeted after the strike was called. Get together and make a deal!"

On Monday, Trump said the strike made him "sad" and that he hoped it would be over quickly.

"I am sad to see the strike," Trump said. "Hopefully, it is going to be a quick one."