Trump Administration Mulls Reopening Economy With Health Experts' Approval

The Trump administration wants to reopen the economy, with health experts' approval. Senior adviser Larry Kudlow discussed the president's plan.
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The Trump administration is looking to reopen the U.S. economy as soon as it gets the green light from health-care officials to do so, senior adviser Larry Kudlow told reporters on Tuesday.

Pressed on the timetable for a reopening, Kudlow reportedly said, "Hopefully and prayerfully we'll be able to open the economy back up in four to eight weeks."

Kudlow's announcement comes a day after President Donald Trump on Monday tweeted that the U.S. was close to the "light at the end of the tunnel." 

Kudlow, the White House's top economic adviser, on Tuesday held interviews with multiple media outlets.

Kudlow told CNN's Joe Johnson that the small-business loan program that was supposed to go live at midnight last Friday "got off to a bad start."

But he told Fox News that the program has been able to disburse $50 billion since it went live, with 170,000 loans from 300 lenders. Those loan applicants will start receiving funds either this week or early next week, Kudlow said. 

"Regrettably we are going to have a couple more weeks, undoubtedly perhaps more, of very bad economic numbers," Kudlow said. "Hopefully on the other side we can come out with a very strong recovery."

Kudlow went on to say that based on the coronavirus task-force meeting on Monday, the nation may be seeing - underscoring the "may be" part - a slowing in key metrics like infection rates. 

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted the shutdown of most sectors of the U.S. economy. The federal and state governments have issued social-distancing and other guidelines to slow its spread.