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Former Travel Channel host Samantha Brown is all about finding the best travel deals.

Brown is now host of the PBS show "Samantha Brown's Places to Love," premiering in January 2018.

"I'm a big fan of alerts - I don't have my own crystal ball," she said. "One of the best alerts I've gotten for 20 years now is"

She said a part of finding a good deal is knowing the history of prices.

"From now until mid-December is one of the best times to fly in terms of price - the average price of an airline ticket is about $250 anywhere in the United States - because kids are back in school," she said.

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Brown also pointed to "dead weeks" - time periods where no one is traveling such as the days after Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, for business travelers, she advises using Twitter (TWTR) as a customer service tool. "You're going to get a response quicker than if you call them or email them," she said.

Brown once left her laptop in the security bins at the TSA line. While the lost and found office was closed, she was able to confirm with TSA via Twitter that her laptop was secure.

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