Jennifer Aniston celebrates her landmark 40th birthday next month on Feb. 11. This star of the recently released blockbuster

Marley and Me

has appeared in more than 35 movies and television shows, winning more than 20 awards -- and making a lot of money.

Aniston made $1 million per episode for the 10th season of


, making her the highest-paid TV actress ever at that time. On the


Celebrity 100 list last year, she was ranked No. 17 based on "earnings and fame," with income of $27 million. Aniston's net worth is reportedly $110 million.

Due to Aniston's extensive connections to various companies, Stockpickr has compiled the

Jennifer Aniston Stock Index

, which behaves similarly to the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

and tracks stocks associated with the actress via her film, television and other associations.

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