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One of the primary goals of


is to allow everyday investors to see what the big guns are buying. Often we see a big-name investor loading up on a particular stock, which is usually a good sign because you know that person put a lot of time and due diligence into that process. Plus, high-profile investors have bankers, lawyers and consultants breaking down the business every which way imaginable.

The real icing on the cake, however, is when the same company announces that an insider has purchased a large chunk of stock or even better, the board initiates a new, large share-buyback program.

That's why each Thursday at Stockpickr we update the

Top Insider Purchases and Buybacks

portfolio, featuring the stocks that in the last week had either big insider purchases or newly announced buybacks (such as


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), as well as super-investors accumulating shares.

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In Thursday trading, Netflix closed at $36.88 per share (up 1.99% for the day; up 23.39% year-to-date).

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