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10 Best Stocks in the Past Week: AMC, GameStop Stay Hot

The best-performing stocks in the past week include AMC Entertainment, GameStop, Koss, FuelCell Energy, QuantumScape, and more.
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The Dow and S&P 500 closed at record highs Friday but the Nasdaq fell as the Treasury yield climbed higher. 

Here are some of the best stocks in the past week by their performance in percentage change at the close of trading on Mar. 12. These include stocks over a $10 share price at the time of publishing.

1. Second Sight Medical | Increased +162.52%

Second Sight  (EYES)  racks up additional double-percentage-point gains following FDA approval of its treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, or RP.

2. GameStop | Increased +92.03%

GameStop  (GME)  shot up from $172 to more than twice that at $348.50, prompting several trading halts this past Wednesday.

3. Koss Corporation | Increased +88.63%

Koss Corporation  (KOSS)  CEO Michael Koss sold 69,000 shares worth $2.3 million this past week, according to reports.

4. Canaan | Increased +73.41%

Canaan  (CAN)  is one of the blockchain stocks that has skyrocketed this past week as investors are putting money into digital assets in the cryptocurrency market.

5. Riot Blockchain | Increased +55.86%

Riot Blockchain  (RIOT)  is riding the highs of Bitcoin as it flirts with $60,000 Saturday along with other digital assets hitting highs.

6. FuelCell Energy | Increased +39.16%

FuelCell Energy  (FCEL)  announced this week that it has joined Hydrogen Europe. This move hopes to advance and accelerate the hydrogen economy.

7. AMC Entertainment | Increased +38.63%

AMC Entertainment reported a wider quarterly loss but the CEO expressed optimism as the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out.

8. United States Steel | Increased +33.17%

United States Steel provided its first quarter 2021 guidance this past Friday. U.S. Steel expects approximately $540 million.

9. QuantumScape | Increased +31.36%

QuantumScape  (QS)  was one of the top stocks that underperformed the prior week and was included in this past week's buy-the-dip candidates .

10. ViacomCBS | Increased +27.88%

ViacomCBS  (VIAC)  was one of the top stocks the prior week as well and is still riding high after Oprah's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle drew 17 million viewers.

All stock prices are referenced and pulled from Yahoo Finance while rankings were pulled from