The Hidden Values Alert portfolio on Stockpickr keeps track of stocks with market caps less than $3 billion that have high return on equity, low debt and consistent earnings and revenue. In other words: good, cheap, small-cap companies.

The portfolio currently includes 15 stocks and commentary, and we've featured the commentary on two of them below,


( KSWS) and

Landstar System

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K-Swiss: Sensible Shoes

KSWS has a very healthy balance sheet with $197 million in cash and no debt. The company's net profit margin over the past five years is 13%, which is almost double the industry average. Management has done an outstanding job, as return on equity over the past five years averages more than 29% per annum. KSWS has been expanding in the international markets, where growth has been strong. The company recently formed a distribution relationship in Japan that should fuel its Asian business. KSWS is a good company and a price of $29 or less per share represents a very good value. If KSWS can grow earnings at only 15% per annum (a margin of safety that is 65% lower than its past-five-year EPS growth rate of 43% per annum) and maintain a P/E of 13 (a margin of safety that is 7% lower than the current P/E of 14), the stock will reward investors handsomely over the next five years."

K-Swiss also appears in

Fortune's Small Wonders

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Landstar Looks Secure

Landstar System has been able to achieve a return on equity (ROE) in the mid 40 percent range over the past three years. In 2006, ROE was an eye-popping 47 percent! They have been able to do this with a long-term debt/total capital ratio of just 17 percent.LSTR has been a big buyer of its shares. Since 2002 it has bought back over 9 million shares, decreasing the shares outstanding by over 13 percent. Net profit margins also increased over the past five years from 3.3 percent to 4.5 percent. LSTR is a cash-generating machine. At the end of 2006, the company had $288 million in free cash flow. Another way of looking at it: 11.5 percent of revenue turned into cash that went straight to the bottom line. If the economy does slip into a recession, LSTR should weather the storm due to its non-asset-based business model. LSTR is a good company, and a price of $41 or less per share represents a very good value. If LSTR can grow earnings at only 16 percent per annum (a margin of safety that is 45 percent lower than its past five-year EPS growth rate of 29 percent per annum) and maintain a P/E of 18, the stock will reward investors handsomely through the next five years.

  • Five-year average EPS 29%
  • Five-year average revenue growth 17%
  • ROE 49%
  • Five-year P/E high 33
  • Five-year P/E low 12
  • 52-week high $49.01
  • 52-week low $37.75

Landstar is also in the

Rate Cut / Soft Landing

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Finally, Landstar also appeared in the

Top Smallcap Dividend Payers

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