Top NYSE Short-Squeeze Plays for 2009

These heavily shorted stocks could surge higher on any positive catalyst.
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If you were watching the

biggest-percentage gainers

on Thursday, you would have noticed that

Sears Holdings


, which trades on the


, was up by almost 9.5 points, an increase of more than 23% in just one day.

This was likely due to a short squeeze. The stock has 16% of its shares shorted, and when the company's fourth-quarter earnings beat analysts' estimates, short-sellers scrambled to cover their positions, driving the stock much higher.

There are also plenty of

heavily shorted stocks on the NYSE




). Short-squeeze opportunities are measured by the short ratio, which is the number of days it would take the short-sellers to cover their position based on recent average daily volume.

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In Monday trading, USEC closed at $5.30 per share (up 18% year-to-date).

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