Consumer goods companies generally get the majority of their revenue from the consumer, so they can be fickle businesses -- excellent when consumers are spending and not so hot when they're pulling back. But for ones that have segments that sell to both the enterprise and the consumer, revenue growth may not be astronomical, but they're likely mature, meaning they can offer investors protection from steep downturns. 

Buying shares of dividend-paying companies in the consumer goods sector, especially ones that have above-average yields, can help investors boast market-beating returns, with a caveat. Oftentimes these companies are either in slow industries or may have seen their stock prices fall sharply, increasing the yield for the wrong reason.

Large companies with plenty of international exposure, including names like Ford Motor (F) - Get Report , B&G Foods (BGS) - Get Report and Pitney Bowes (PBI) - Get Report and others have high-dividend yields that investors should be aware of.

TheStreet has compiled a list of five high-yielding consumer goods companies.