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Despite massive layoffs in the mortgage industry, recession fears, dramatic declines in employment figures and a depressed and volatile stock market, there are still companies out there with a strong enough belief in their future business to increase their dividends.

Stockpickr has sorted through the list of last week's dividend-raisers and assembled the

Top 10 Dividend Increases for the Week of Sept. 8

, those stocks with the highest percentage increase in dividends.



-traded stock with the most significant dividend increase is



. The television network -- which also owns radio stations, billboards and various publishing companies including Simon & Schuster -- just raised its quarterly dividend by 14%. The 25 cents-a-share payment equates to a 3.2% yield. CBS also announced that it plans to buy back $1.6 billion worth of its stock. CBS stock has a

price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 18 and a P/E-to-growth (PEG) ratio of 2.

CBS also shows up in the

Socially Responsible Large-Cap Stocks

, a Stockpickr portfolio that lists publicly traded companies screened for community relations, diversity, labor relations, environmental practices, human rights, product safety and quality and corporate governance. Other dividend-paying stocks on this list include

Bank of New York Mellon


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, which yields 2.4%, and

Boston Properties


, a real estate investment trust that yields 2.7%.

Another company that recently raised its dividend is


( IIG), a small-cap ecommerce company that markets StoresOnline software and Web site development platforms. The company increased its dividend by 10% to 11 cents a share and revised its dividend-payment schedule from semiannually to quarterly.

Its board of directors just approved a second share-buyback program of $50 million, for a total of $70 million. In addition, it just reported a huge surge in quarterly earnings from 17 cents a share to 41 cents, a 141% increase. The company has had legal problems with its marketing in California and North Carolina; however, it is confident that the issues will be resolved. The stock has a P/E of 10 and generates a yield of 2.3%.

Verizon Communications


is another company that recently increased its dividend, raising it 6.2% to 43 cents a share. The latest J.D. Power and Associates research reveals Verizon had the "highest call quality" in the northeast and the midatlantic regions. Verizon has a P/E of 19, a PEG of 2.3 and a yield of 3.8%.

Verizon is a holding of

David Dreman

, an investor known for his contrarian column in


magazine as well as his role as founder and chief investment manager of Dreman Value Management. Dreman's portfolio includes several dividend-paying stocks including



, which yields 2.6%,

Bank of America


, which yields 5.1%, and

Hartford Financial Services


, an insurance company that yields 2.3%.

Another stock on the dividend-raisers list is

Susquehanna Bancshares


, a Pennsylvania bank holding company that increased its dividend by 4% to 26 cents a share, to yield 5.3%. The stock has a P/E of 12 and a PEG of nearly 2. Susquehanna was one of the

Rocket Stocks for June 11th-June 15th


To see the rest of the week's featured dividend-raisers, check out the

Top 10 Dividend Increases for the Week of Sept. 8


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At the time of publication, Altucher and/or his fund had no positions in stocks mentioned, although positions may change at any time.

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