NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Tom Brady scores again. In a huge off-the-field win for the New England Patriots quarterback and his team, Judge Richard Berman of Federal District Court in Manhattan overturned Brady's four-game suspension on Thursday.

But founder & president of U/S Sports Advisors Ken Ungar says the National Football League will not back down and the fight will continue. Brady has been in a court battle with the NFL and league Commissioner Roger Goodell for allegedly being involved in a scandal dubbed "Deflategate."

The controversy stems from accusations the Patriots football team deflated the footballs used in the AFC championship game back in January. Ungar says there are huge issues at stake for the NFL, which is why it decided to appeal this ruling so quickly. Additionally, there is a lot at risk for the NFL Players Association, because the union wants to make sure the commissioner acts in accordance with the bargaining agreement.

In a 40-page document outlining the decision, the judge noted inadequate notice to Tom Brady of the alleged misconduct and discipline, denial of the opportunity to question one of the two lead investigators as well as the denial of equal access to files. The judge ultimately found several "significant legal deficiencies" in the case.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, Ungar sees a big negative impact on Brady's earnings power as a result of this scandal. He calls the estimated endorsement loss of $12 million, "pretty conservative." Last month, Weston Anson, chairman of Consor Intellectual Asset Management, told TheStreet the scandal lowers the value of both Brady and the team. Anson estimated that Brady's $8 million in endorsement income from last year will be cut in half and have lasting effects for up to three years for an estimated total loss of about $12 million.