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6:10 AM Carl Weinberg,, High Frequency Economics.

Sage international economist with high frequency economics, a consulting group. He often discusses currencies, and should have plenty to offer on treasury secretary Rubin's about-face on the dollar Friday.

6:50 AM John Rogers, President, Ariel Capital Management

Rogers' fund,


Ariel Growth, returned 22.8% in 1996, a performance that placed it only in the top third of its small-company peer group, as tracked by Lipper Analytical Services.

7:10 AM Daniel Snyder, Snyder Communications Chairman

8:10 AM George Gross, Magazine Publishers of America

8:20 AM Tom Andrews, Citizen Action

8:30 AM Vincent Farrell, Spears, Benzak, Salomon & Farrell

Told Dow Jones News Services in September that the oil sector was overpriced and that investors should stay away. Ouch.

9:02 AM Noam Lotan, CEO, MRV Communications

9:10 AM William St. Laurent, President & COO, Vitech America

9:40 AM Bert Dohmen,

Wellington Letter

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Predicted in April, when the Dow was at 5,600, that it would hit 6000, according to

Investor's Business Daily

. It did.

10:10 AM Kevin Harris,

MCM CurrencyWatch

10:30 AM Thomas Eichler, President, Eichler Magnin Called YPF Socieded Anonima, the oil company, a growth stock which, at 23 7/8, was undervalued relative to world oil companies, according to Dow Jones News Service. The stock closed Friday at 26 1/2.

1:20 PM Josie Natori, CEO & Co-Chair, Natori Co.

1:40 PM David Carnoy,

Success Magazine

3:20 PM Cedd Moses,


Calvert Strategic Growth

Listen closely? Not. This lackluster growth fund returned 14.3% in 1996, placing it in the bottom of 20% of its peer group, as tracked by Lipper Analytical Services.

3:40 PM Michael Rosenberg, Merrill Lynch

Told Dow Jones News Service in June that the marketplace would "come around to the view that Japan's economy is moving along." Still waiting on that one.

5:30 PM Douglas Cliggott, J.P. Morgan

In late July, told the LA Times wire services that he was cautious about semiconductor chips and overall corporate earnings. Said he feared a softness in earnings as the economy lost momentum. Can't always be right, though chips have certainly had a rocky time.

6:20 PM Joseph Stiglitz, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers