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5:30 AM Lawrence Otis Graham, Author,


6:10 AM Cliff Waldman, National Federation of Independent Business

6:50 AM Michael Pingrey, American Society of Travel Agents

7:10 AM John Casesa, Auto Analyst, Schroder Wertheim

He's backed GM's plans to distribute excess cash to shareholders, and will probably push that line here.

8:10 AM Sen. Pete Domenici, New Mexico

8:20 AM Micah Green, Public Securities Association

8:20 AM Marc Lackritz, President, Securities Industry Association

8:30 AM Jim Rogers, Rogers Holdings

After a brief hiatus, Friday's regular Squawk Box guest host is back. Famous for his book

Investment Biker

, this guy sees inflation behind every breeze. Some day he'll be right. One feather in his cap: energy stocks have risen along with his forecasts of higher energy prices.

8:40 AM Rick Santelli, Rand Financial Services

On the floor of the CBOT, Santelli will offer perspective on options trading.

9:04 AM Martin Mauro, Fixed-Income Economist, Merrill Lynch

Mauro backs inflation-indexed bonds. He should offer good analysis of the January employment report, released at 8:30.

9:10 AM James Preston, Chairman, Avon Pruducts

Will comment on Avon's efforts to reorganize and push toward the year 2000.

9:32 AM Mike Marzano, FIMAT/Societe Generale

Bond futures trader should offer insight into initial reactions to the employment figure.

9:40 AM Lisa Finstrom, Smith Barney

Currency analyst likes the dollar.

9:40 AM Paul Meggyesi, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

Another dollar fan.

10:00 AM William Sullivan, Director of Money Market Research, Dean Witter Reynolds

Thinks the fed's inaction represents risks concerning inflation. At least that's what he said before the fed did nothing.

10:30 AM Mary Lisanti,

(SCAPX) - Get Report

The Strong Small Cap Fund

Oversees the $159 illion Strong Small Cap Stock Fund, which gained 22.7% in 1996, according to Lipper Analytical Services Inc. Lisanti has managed it only since August.

10:30 AM Gary Eichorn, CEO, OpenMarket

12:00 PM Rachelle Chong, Federal Communications Commission

12:00 PM Rep. David Markey, Massachusetts

12:10 PM Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman & CEO, NYNEX

12:20 PM Tim Price, President, MCI

12:50 PM Paul Sarvadi, CEO, Administaff

1:10 PM David Pullman, Fahnestock Structured Asset Sales Group

Oversaw the work to create the David Bowie asset-backed offering earlier this week.

3:03 PM Robert Murphy, Robb Peck McCooey Specialist Corp.

3:20 PM Henrik Strabo,


Twentieth Century International Discovery

Likes Eastern Europe very much for investment purposes.

Wall $treet Week

Guest: Linda Strumpf, Chief Investment Officer, The Ford Foundation


Alan Bond, Bond Procope

Last july the head of Bond Procope, a money management firm, recommended ITT, Eastman Kodak, Clorox and HFS. ITT was a dog until Hilton came along and HFS has put in a middling performance since last summer despite a flurry of acquisitions. Kodak and Clorox have both done well.

Elizabeth Dater,


Warburg Pincus Emerging Growth

Last summer she liked U.S. Robotics and Borders Books. Her fund is up 14% in the past year, which isn't exactly smoking.

Brian Rogers