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5:30 AM Lawrence Otis Graham, Author,


6:10 AM Cliff Waldman, National Federation of Independent Business

6:50 AM Michael Pingrey, American Society of Travel Agents

7:10 AM John Casesa, Auto Analyst, Schroder Wertheim

He's backed GM's plans to distribute excess cash to shareholders, and will probably push that line here.

8:10 AM Sen. Pete Domenici, New Mexico

8:20 AM Micah Green, Public Securities Association

8:20 AM Marc Lackritz, President, Securities Industry Association

8:30 AM Jim Rogers, Rogers Holdings

After a brief hiatus, Friday's regular Squawk Box guest host is back. Famous for his book

Investment Biker

, this guy sees inflation behind every breeze. Some day he'll be right. One feather in his cap: energy stocks have risen along with his forecasts of higher energy prices.

8:40 AM Rick Santelli, Rand Financial Services

On the floor of the CBOT, Santelli will offer perspective on options trading.

9:04 AM Martin Mauro, Fixed-Income Economist, Merrill Lynch

Mauro backs inflation-indexed bonds. He should offer good analysis of the January employment report, released at 8:30.

9:10 AM James Preston, Chairman, Avon Pruducts

Will comment on Avon's efforts to reorganize and push toward the year 2000.

9:32 AM Mike Marzano, FIMAT/Societe Generale

Bond futures trader should offer insight into initial reactions to the employment figure.

9:40 AM Lisa Finstrom, Smith Barney

Currency analyst likes the dollar.

9:40 AM Paul Meggyesi, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

Another dollar fan.

10:00 AM William Sullivan, Director of Money Market Research, Dean Witter Reynolds

TheStreet Recommends

Thinks the fed's inaction represents risks concerning inflation. At least that's what he said before the fed did nothing.

10:30 AM Mary Lisanti,

(SCAPX) - Get Adams Small Cap Value Report

The Strong Small Cap Fund

Oversees the $159 illion Strong Small Cap Stock Fund, which gained 22.7% in 1996, according to Lipper Analytical Services Inc. Lisanti has managed it only since August.

10:30 AM Gary Eichorn, CEO, OpenMarket

12:00 PM Rachelle Chong, Federal Communications Commission

12:00 PM Rep. David Markey, Massachusetts

12:10 PM Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman & CEO, NYNEX

12:20 PM Tim Price, President, MCI

12:50 PM Paul Sarvadi, CEO, Administaff

1:10 PM David Pullman, Fahnestock Structured Asset Sales Group

Oversaw the work to create the David Bowie asset-backed offering earlier this week.

3:03 PM Robert Murphy, Robb Peck McCooey Specialist Corp.

3:20 PM Henrik Strabo,


Twentieth Century International Discovery

Likes Eastern Europe very much for investment purposes.

Wall $treet Week

Guest: Linda Strumpf, Chief Investment Officer, The Ford Foundation


Alan Bond, Bond Procope

Last july the head of Bond Procope, a money management firm, recommended ITT, Eastman Kodak, Clorox and HFS. ITT was a dog until Hilton came along and HFS has put in a middling performance since last summer despite a flurry of acquisitions. Kodak and Clorox have both done well.

Elizabeth Dater,


Warburg Pincus Emerging Growth

Last summer she liked U.S. Robotics and Borders Books. Her fund is up 14% in the past year, which isn't exactly smoking.

Brian Rogers