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4:30 AM Thomas Smith, Yamaichi Research

Yamaichi Research is a leading Japanese economic research group.

5:30 AM Matt Weinstein, Author,

Managing to Have Fun

6:10 AM Joseph Carson, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

The chief economist at DMG, Carson joined the firm in March after having been chief economist at Dean Witter Reynolds. Before that, he worked on the equity side of things at Chemical Bank.

6:50 AM Altair Gobo, U.S. financial Services

7:10 AM Robert Reitzes, Senior Managing Director, Bear Stearns

8:10 AM Philip Lader, Small Business Administration

8:10 AM Sally Shelton, U.S. Agency for International Develpment

8:20 AM Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois

8:30 AM Courtney Smith, Pinnacle Capital Management

9:10 AM Papkin Der Torossian, Chairman & CEO, Silicon Valley Group

9:40 AM Andrew Davis,

(RPFRX) - Get Report

Davis Real Estate Fund

This $32.5 million fund has returned 37.9% in the last year.

10:30 AM Jim O'Shaugnessy, O'Shaugnessy Capital Management

Wrote a book

What Works On Wall Street

. In late December he slammed the theory that the most recently bad stocks will next do well. The argument stems from the public's love affair with the historically successful "Dogs of the Dow" investment strategy. He argues that the Dogs are a special case. Usually bad stocks are bad for a good reason.

11:30 AM Maria Fiorini Ramirez, President, MFR

A former money market analyst at Merrill Lynch, Becker Paribas and Drexel Burnham, Ramirez runs the economic consulting group that bears her name. For 1996 she predicted the Dow at 5750--which may have seemed somewhat bullish at the time. Today she'll be taking a look at the GDP.

3:03 PM Joseph Cangemi, Francis P Maglio

4:10 PM Gene Sperling, White House Economic Adviser

4:20 PM Phil Rettew, Merrill Lynch

The oft quoted market analyst

4:30 PM Robert Von Pentz, Columbia Partners

Former chief investment officer Riggs National Bank

6:00 PM Ian Shepherdson, HSBC Holdings

6:00 PM Jim Awad, Awad & Associates

A CNBC regular, at end of 1996 Awad told

Dow Jones

it was smooth sailing ahead for the U.S. economy.

7:15 AM Scott Bleier, Prime Charter

Another one of those regulars. Recently quoted in the

San Francisco Chronicle

as calling "Dow 7000" a "foregone short-term conclusion."

Wall $treet Week

Guest: Linda Strumpf, Chief Investment Officer, The Ford Foundation


Alan Bond, Bond Procope

Last july the head of Bond Procope, a money management firm, recommended ITT, Eastman Kodak, Clorox and HFS. ITT was a dog until Hilton came along and HFS has put in a middling performance since last summer despite a flurry of acquisitions. Kodak and Clorox have both done well.

Elizabeth Dater,


Warburg Pincus Emerging Growth

Last summer she liked U.S. Robotics and Borders Books. Her fund is up 14% in the past year, which isn't exactly smoking.

Brian Rogers