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5:30 AM Martin Mayer, Author,

The Bankers:The Next Generation

Mayer pushes his latest, a reprise of his classic text,

The Bankers


6:10 AM Larry De Young, De Young Railroad Consultants

In case you're not sick of it, more detailed discussion of the CSX/Norfolk Southern/Conrail mess. Doesn't every arb already own a piece of this one?

6:50 AM John Fernadez, Advanced Research Management Consusltants

7:10 AM Ivan Obolensky, Shields

8:00 AM C. Michael Armstrong, Chairman & CEO

GM Hughes

Sheds some light on raytheon takeover. S&P has already raised some questions about heavy debt assumption and Raytheon concedes some dilution in the acquisition. Mr. armstrong will be expected to make matters clear.

8:00 AM John Smith, Chairman & CEO,

General Motors

Top dog at GM will chatter about all that defense dough coming to the automaker. Look for some forecast on 1997 domestic car sales, a hotly debated issue in the market right now.

8:20 AM Ralph Lotkin, Cochran & Lotkin

8:20 AM Sen. Orrin Hatch, Judiciary Committee Chairman

8:30 AM Jim Rogers, Rogers Holdings

Friday is Jim Rogers Day. Famous for his book

Investment Biker

, this guy sees inflation behind every breeze. Some day he'll be right. One feather in his cap: energy stocks have risen along with his forecasts of higher energy prices.

9:10 AM Willem Roelandts, CEO,


Xilinx chief offers commentary on the company's earnings report from Palo Alto, Calif. Good guidance for those obsessed with the semiconductor world.

9:40 AM Robert Meyer,


Morgan Stanley Latin American Fund

Meyer has a one-year return of 45%. While he buys mostly stocks, last year he held substantial fixed-income assets as well.

10:10 AM Richard Rippe, Prudential Securities

Rippe sees growth at 2.3% in the first half of 1997 and the 30-year benchmark bond yield dropping to 6.3%. In other words, Rippe sees Goldilocks nirvana.

10:20 AM Thomas Mann, Brookings Institution

10:30 AM Ken Tower, UST Securities

Primarily a technical analyst with a bullish bent--at least as of December. look for talk of "oversold" and "support." to dominate this confab.

11:20 AM Adam Schoenfeld, Jupiter Communications

Love that Internetish goatee. When is this guy



11:30 AM Melissa Brown, Prudential Securities

A quantitative analyst at prudential, Brown has held a cautiously optimistic view of the stock market in recent months. A big fan of the Grateful Dead, Brown offers an often iconoclastic view of the market.

12:00 PM Alfred Berkeley, President, Nasdaq Stock Market

12:50 PM Robert Reynolds, Fidelity Investments Institutional Retirement Group

Head of institutional retirement group expected to wax poetic about the stumbling fund giant's prospects. His appearance stems from a new fido effort to step up its image.

1:10 PM Ira Deutchman, Redeemable Features President

1:20 PM Dana Meade, Chairman & CEO,


2:40 PM Jon Kutler, Quarterdeck Investment Partners President

3:03 PM Peter Henderson, Henderson Brothers

3:20 PM Stephen Roach, Morgan Stanley

Roach did not participate in the

Wall Street Journal

economists survey that kicked off the year. He still believes growth will be strong, sparking unexpected inflation and higher interest rates.

3:30 PM William Grigg, Chairman & CEO,

Duke Power

4:20 PM Alberto Vilar, President, Amerindo Investment Advisors President

Head of Amerindo Investors, a fund family noted for astute investing in technology companies. recently the fund has sold a big piece of its PsiNet stock. A recent

Dow Jones News Service

story said Amerindo now focuses primarily on companies involved in the Internet, intranets, telecommunications and object-oriented software. Look for good talk about the networking equipment stocks like Cisco, 3Com and Ascend.

6:00 PM Vincent Farrell, Spears, Benzak, Salomon & Farrell

6:00 PM Patricia Chadwick, Chancellor LGT Asset Management

Wall $treet Week

Edward D. Yardeni, Chief Economist, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell

An economist by trade, Yardeni has become more involved with stock forecasts. In the Chicago Tribune a month ago, Yardeni predicted equally strong years for both stocks and bonds. At the time he also recommended IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola. He sees Dow at 7000 by mid-1997, but also a "nasty" 15% correction before ending the year higher.

Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board.

In the Wall Street Journal survey Fosler had one of the rosiest views of economic growth, projecting a rate above 3% for the first half of the year.

Lawrence Kudlow, Chief Economist, American Skandia.

Kudlow has a sterling reputation as an economist, having advised New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman and Presidential hopeful Bob Dole on economic programs. A December Barron's piece had him expecting placid growth in 1997.