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8:20 AM Pete Domenici, Senate Budget Chairman

8:30 AM Jim Rogers, Rogers Holdings

Famous for his book,

Investment Biker,

Rogers has a Malthusian fear of inflation. This guy expects the hobgoblin of inflation to sprout from beyond every whiff of wage-o-phobia. He thinks commodities are in scarce supply and sooner or later commodities will provide the best investment in the world. This mantra, while oft repeated, hasn't made folks too much money--with one notable exception. Energy stocks did well, as he expected, during the last half of 1996.

8:40 AM Rick Santelli, Rand Financial Services

9:00 AM E. Craig Coats, Jr., Prudential Services

9:10 AM Dan Rice, State Street Research,

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Global Research Fund

9:30 AM Mike Marzano, FIMAT/Society Generale

9:40 AM Stuart Freeman, A.G. Edwards

Wall $treet Week

Guest: John M. Templeton, Founder,

Panelists: Alan Bond, Mary Farrell, James Grant

Topic: The latest insights from Templeton's founder.