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Boy, how quickly everyone moved from morose to giddy. But that's what one up day in the market -- and one down day in oil -- will do to folks.

Yet, while I'm not trying to be a wet blanket, I am trying to be realistic. And a "realistic" view would say that the oversold condition will not go away immediately, especially as yesterday's move up came on some fairly unimpressive volume. The

Nasdaq 100 Trust


chart below doesn't exactly paint a buy-me-now picture.

Of course, maybe this is really the start of something big, and just like the fakeout the bulls received just a few short days ago, the bears could be in for the same sort of "treat." Still, until I see some new highs, or at least some broken downtrend lines, I have to remain skeptical.

Today, the

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And that is the final word from Princeton, N.J. where apparently yours truly has some hidden talents. Drafted at this past weekend's masters regatta to cox a boat made up of four petite 20-something coxswains, I urged "my girls" to an open-water victory.

Of course, I barely know starboard from bow, but darn it, when I called a "power 10" those ladies responded! A special shout out to my stroke, Chris; three seat, Jinny; two seat, Amanda; and my bow seat, Bess; for the quickest 500 meters Carnegie Lake will ever see!

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