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LOS ANGELES -- When you are zipping from city to city, the last thing you want to do istake the time to download photos and/or video from your digital camera.

One way to save time is to carry a higher-capacity SD card. The 8GB UltraII SD Card will carry close to 21 hours of video. That's more than most mobile executives shoot in a year, let alone a business trip.

Next Gadget Grrl says once you've accumulated lots of media, it would help to have a program to organize it. Managing and working with media can be a daunting task. CyberLink MediaShow 4 is a quick way to easily fix, edit, or manage your media.

SanDisk Ultra II SD Card

There are several high capacity SD cards on the market, but not all of them are the same. When you're documenting the latest developments from your company's new facility in Bangkok, you don't want to risk losing the data, video or images on a less-reliant SD card.

I also like the speed on this card. At a speed of up to 15MB/sec to read/write, you won't be slowed down reading with this card.

Couple this card with one of the

SanDisk Micro mate readers ($19.99)with a USB head and you no longer have to carry the cord for your digital camera in order to download your photos. Just take out the SD card, insert it into the USB reader and download directly to your laptop. Again, time saved means more time to do what you do best.

CyberLink MediaShow 4

Some of the features I liked most in this little program are the automatic sortingof all photos and videos. That saves me a ton of time, as do the detailed thumbnails, so I don't have to open every file to see what it is.

Something you won't find in other comparably prices programs is the split-screen editing feature. This enables you to see what the photo or video looked like prior to retouching or editing it.

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If you're new to this arena, you'll like the drag to any file feature -- again, this helps get all your media organized.

If your company is running a blog and you need to contribute to that content, there is even a feature that will allow you to direct upload to YouTube andFlickr.All this along with one-click fixes make this a reasonably priced little powerhouse.

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