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Tim Collins Predicts Big Things for Ginkgo Bioworks

Real Money's Tim Collins says there's tremendous potential in cell programming technology.
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Investors are always looking for the next big thing -- that company which the market has overlooked before a meteoric rise. It’s great when you can find one. Getting in on the ground floor of a stock that shoots up year-after-year can do wonders for your portfolio.

Tim Collins wrote about one such company recently on Real Money.

“We tend to compartmentalize views of companies. It's logical. The human brain can only handle so much,” Collins wrote recently on Real Money. “I believe that is why Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings DNA may be a little misunderstand or underappreciated. There's a lot to this company.”

Ginkgo recently went public in a SPAC acquisition that valued it at more than $15 billion.  Its backers include Bill Gates's Cascade Investment and Cathy Wood's ARK Investment Management.

“I believe, over the next decade, it will grow to become the new Amgen  (AMGN) - Get Free Report or Biogen  (BIIB) - Get Free Report," Collins wrote. "Ginkgo programs cells. ‘Biology by design’ as they call it. Recently, management increased its expectations of new programs from 23 to 30 as early cell programming success has led to greater demand. This allowed the company to increase total revenue expectations from $150 million to at least $175 million for the full year 2021.”

But wait, there’s more.

“The company is at the forefront of applying advanced technology to biological applications. In addition to cell programming, Ginkgo has seen growing demand for biosecurity, a huge new market brought on by COVID-19. This takes the company beyond foundry and diagnostics.”