Three Stocks to Buy Today

It's time to put some money to work.
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By Guest Columnist Chris Fernandez of

It's time to put some money to work.

I don't profess to know when the markets will turn, or how long it will take, but I do know that there are quality companies out there begging to be purchased, if only in small increments at the present, and held on to for years to come.

The three companies that I have added to my portfolio are probably no secret to anyone who has been following my recommendations for some time:

Rick's Cabaret

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(EHTH) - Get Report


Pros Holdings

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. I am advocating purchasing a quarter position in each one.

We have been given a fantastic opportunity, provided we are a long-term investors and can stomach further drops. I don't know when the market or these stocks will rebound, and it could very well be that we get to purchase even more shares of these great companies as they come down even further.

The best time to add stocks to your portfolio is when others are panicking and there is blood in the streets. Don't shy away from great opportunities because of uncertainty.

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