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Three Big Buys and Sells

Here are three stocks to dump and three to jump into.

Updated from 7:03 a.m. EDT

By Stockpickr Guest Columnist Glen Bradford

Relative stock analysis comes in handy when you think you're trying to compare two companies and deciding which to own. Finding overpriced stocks in this market is difficult, but I've got four you should dump -- and four you should buy into when you sell the dumpers.

The stocks I'm advising that you sell have intrinsic values that are dangerously close to their market values. This leads me to think that they will underperform the market as far as stock price goes over the next few years. The ones that I am advising that you buy into after you sell are underpriced based on my intrinsic value calculations. Seems easy enough. Right?

I expect to outperform the market by selling stocks priced to underperform and buy into underpriced outperformers. Good news: Analysts agree with my picks based on trailing 12-month P/E and forecasted PE and PEG ratios.

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