Editor's note: Welcome to Stockpickr's "Barron's Roundup." Each weekend, James Altucher presents Stockpickr portfolios related to articles in the latest issue of Barron's.

Barron's Insider Purchases

: This week'sinsider purchases. We provide a little more color by detailing who it is that's doing the buying. This week's portfolio of 15 companies with insider purchases includes

Sun Microsystems

(SUNW) - Get Report


Barron's Research Reports

: Every week


publishes research reports on various small-cap and mid-cap companies. We provide a portfolio of those stocks with synopses of the reports. This week'slist includes reports on

Portfolio Recovery Associates

(PRAA) - Get Report



(FLEX) - Get Report


Bullish and Bearish

: The stocks profiled in individual stories in this week's


. Among the stocks featured,


was bullish on

Limited Brands



Barron's Activist Situations

: Each week


picks out the most interesting situations in which activistinvestors are clamoring for change. This week's list includes some possible activity on

Reuters Group

( RTRSY) and some definite rattling at

Building Materials

( BLG).

Speaking of Dividends

: Which companiesthis week are boosting their dividends? This week's article includes an interesting one-time payment from




Barron's Mispriced Growth

: Michael Santoli identifies the companies for which the market is not giving enough credit for their growth. He believes these names are cheap and ready to pop.

Barron's Top Retail Stocks

: This interview with retail specialist Shawn Kravetz of Esplanade Capital reveals he believes retail stocks have room to grow, and he gives his favorites, as well as one stock he distinctly does not like.

Barron's MLP Candidates

: Master-Limited Partnerships have outperformed the market and other utilities in recent years. Here's the list of companies that could show massive gains if they were to spin off some assets into MLPs.

Barron's Options Point to Takeover Targets

: By looking at the options that are being bid up we can sometimes spot the next takeover targets or stocks targeted by activists. Here's the list of companies with suspicious options activity.


(BUD) - Get Report

is mentioned specifically as being a potential target of Pershing Capital.

Barron's Internet Content Players

: All of the online ad stocks are getting scooped up. Are the Internet content players such as

The Knot






Barron's Teleconferencing Boom

: Every company in the teleconference space is a candidate to get bought by a larger player. Who are the winners here?

Barron's Longleaf Funds

: Interview and the top picks of one of the best mutual fund families ever.

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