Here’s What Drove Performance For TheStreet’s Top 25 Stocks of 2019

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Big tech and consumer stocks dominated TheStreet’s ranking of the top 25 stocks of 2019, with several companies seeing their stocks soar for the year because they were able to successful re-invent themselves in highly-competitive sectors.

To create our list of the list of top 25, we polled 18 of our writers and editors at TheStreet and its premium sister site, RealMoney to and had them rank names not merely on the basis of price appreciation, but also on how well management teams executed and performed against expectations. The majority of the 25 were concentrated in tech and consumer names, with a smattering of financials.

Early in 2019, many on Wall Street were expecting Big Tech to finally take a back seat, following years of outsized gains. Instead, a solid portion of the S&P 500’s 25% gain in 2019 has been driven by Big Tech.

“Some of the tech stocks…have really outperformed the broader market -- that includes Apple, Microsoft and Facebook. So part of what we’re trying to do in the stock of the year project is trying to parse out how much of that strong performance among some of these stocks has been a result of a broader market recovery and how much of it has is great performance on the part of these individual companies,” said Annie Gaus, TheStreet’s senior tech reporter.

Another common theme across sectors was that some traditional names managed to find their footing again in 2019. “We had Apple — they had a terrible end of last year and found their footing with services,” said Nelson Wang, TheStreet’s senior editor. “We had Target, which had been falling behind Amazon losing in that digital race. We had Disney, which for years had been challenged by the fact that there’s all this cord cutting going on -- they finally came around and launched their own streaming video services comparable to Netflix.” 

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