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Over the past week, TheStreet has been buzzing about tech titans for earnings season, retail stocks poised to make the grade and more.
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NEW YORK (Stockpickr) -- In addition to Stockpickr's popular Professional Portfolios, which list the holdings of many of the top investors and funds, such as Warren Buffett and Paulson & Co., the site also hosts user-generated portfolios. This feature allows Stockpickr members to group stocks together in portfolios so they can easily see where each stock is trading and view fundamentals such as market cap, average trading volume and 52-week highs and lows. Users can also elect to track their portfolios and measure the overall performance of a group of stocks over time.

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Over the past week on TheStreet, our colleagues have been talking about tech titans for earnings season, retail stocks poised to make the grade and more. Here are some of the highlights.

11 Famous Health Care Stocks to Sell

: According to

Louis Navellier



, the health care industry, often thought to be low-risk, "has seen a big shakeup in the wake of Obama's health care reform bill and not all stocks in this sector are adapting well." He recommended immediatly selling any of the 11 stocks in this portfolio, including

Becton Dickinson

(BDX) - Get Report

, which has "failed to impress so far this year," and


(PFE) - Get Report

, which "has been sloping downward and the momentum might be too great to stop." The

11 Famous Health Care Stocks to Sell

portfolio also includes

St. Jude




(SNY) - Get Report


6 Media Stocks to Watch

: Andrea Tse recommended keeping these top media names on your radar ahead of their earnings warning that the diversity of the media and entertainment sector "can also make it a minefield for investors who are looking to predict its coming hits." For example, keep an eye on

Lions Gate Entertainment


, which has received attention in 2010 as activist investor

Carl Icahn

has raised his stake in the company in attempt to take it over. The

6 Media Stocks to Watch

portfolio also includes

News Corp.

(NWSA) - Get Report


4 Retail Stocks Poised to Make the Grade

: According to Jeanine Poggi, expectations for the back-to-school season are high, but "it's best to resist the bullish hype." The numbers retailers reported in the fall were some of the worst on record, there's really "no place to go but up." Among the four retailers Poggi predicted most likely to "make the grade" was



, which has "evolved from a fashion follower into a fashion leader." The

4 Retail Stocks Poised to Make the Grade

portfolio also includes

Urban Outfitters

(URBN) - Get Report


5 Tech Titans for Earnings Season

: InvestorPlace's Hilary Kramer turned to the tech sector for some earnings-season recommendations. According to Kramer, at these economic crossroads, technology is particularly important "because it is central to our economy." Kramer pointed to


(AAPL) - Get Report

, with its "excellent fundamentals and game-changing catalysts built into its business models," and


(QCOM) - Get Report

, poised to "benefit by selling more handset chips, netbook chips and by garnering more licensing revenues" as the 3G network continues to expand. The

5 Tech Titans for Earnings Season

portfolio also includes


(AMZN) - Get Report


3 Internet Stocks to Watch in the Second Half

: Internet retailes are one of the industry's few growth sectors, according to Poggi, with sales up 1% in June and overall U.S. unique visitors up 11% year over year. She told readers to watch three Internet stocks in particular, including


(EBAY) - Get Report

, which has made efforts to improve its site's shopping experience, including reducing seller fees and enhancing search features. The

3 Internet Stocks to Watch in the Second Half

portfolio also includes


(NFLX) - Get Report



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