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TheStreet Picks: Owens Corning, Tesoro

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Jim Cramer's 'Stop Trading!': Get Energized by Owens Corning


Jim Cramer said he still finds

Owens Corning

(OC) - Get Report

as the best way to play alternative energy on


"Stop Trading!"

Cramer discussed how Boone Pickens is informing Americans of the importance of moving toward alternative energy, such as wind power, right now and moving away from foreign oil. Owens Corning can benefit from such a movement toward wind power technology since the company makes composites that go on windmills, stated Cramer. He also said the company makes insulation that can sustainably cut energy use. Although he sees potential with the stock, he warns that the stock has some downside risk since the company is levered to housing.

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Dykstra: One-Upping the Competition


For picks where we are off with our timing a little bit, we can still capture a victory even if the price falls. All we have to do is average down, which is essentially adding more contracts at a lower price to lower our average entry price and making our sale target lower. If you need proof, take a look at the win I had with



earlier in the year. We averaged down a few times for a $4,800 win. In the end, this company didn't dominate. In fact, at the time we unloaded our contracts, the common stock price was lower than it was at the time of our first buy. Right there is the power of my system.

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Wall Street Watch: Earnings and M&A

In addition to bullish and bearish takes on individual stocks, TheStreet Picks is also your go-to source for the latest Wall Street news via Earnings Watch and Merger & Acquisitions. Here are two recent highlights.


Large-Cap Banks: Dividend Cuts Coming

: asked several high-profile equity analysts about how the credit crisis is affecting banks and other consumer finance businesses. Today, Jason Goldberg, a senior research analyst at Lehman Brothers, provides his take on the large-cap banks. Capital, capital, capital. This year, a primary focus of investors has been on the ability of banks to remain well-capitalized by regulatory standards, despite the massive writedowns and loan reserving they have been forced to do. Goldman Sachs predicted that banks will have to raise an additional $65 billion before the credit crisis peaks next year. What do you think?


We expect the industry to continue to deleverage and note that quarter to date, assets are down by roughly $170 billion. Given recent equity raises have not gone smoothly, we would expect more immediate capital needs be served by further dividend cuts, as well as the sale of business units, as opposed to the issuance of common stock, if possible.

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Microsoft Move Puts Heat on Yahoo!


Billionaire investor Carl Icahn has managed to get


(MSFT) - Get Report

talking about a possible merger with



again, but whether the software giant will follow through is an entirely different matter.

Up until now, Microsoft has repeatedly said that it's no longer interested in buying Yahoo! outright -- and seems more intent on acquiring the company's search business instead.

In talks with Icahn during the past week, Microsoft reiterated its interest in search, but also left open the potential of a merger if a new Yahoo! board is elected.

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