The market is overdue for a plunge.

What's more impressive than this market? A hole-in-one by Tiger Woods on day one of the U.S. Open on Thursday, surely. But really, the market on paper is set up to be obliterated over the next two weeks and yet the bid remains with the bulls.

Just look at new elements to the investing thesis: (1) A Federal Reserve chairman in Jerome Powell that appears dead set on busting inflation before it presents itself to any degree; (2) The dollar's strength is likely starting to weigh on corporate earnings (Coca-Cola (KO) - Get Report called out Wednesday an almost 2% operating income hit this year because of the dollar's strength); (3) fresh data out of China signal a slowing economy BEFORE the Trump administration slaps the country with more tariffs.

Impressive resilience for the market, for now. The pullback is coming people.

Names on TheStreet

I caught up with Tyson Foods (TSN) - Get Report CEO Tom Hayes Wednesday evening. That guy is a leader -- how he is re-shaping the Tyson Foods portfolio and leading with purpose has been impressive to watch. Full piece to hit shortly, so stay tuned (that means -- sign up for real-time market-moving alerts from TheStreet here). The deal-making Hayes told me he is still on the prowl for transformative acquisitions that could continue to evolve Tyson's portfolio (see recent deal for organic chicken player Smart Chicken).

But Hayes did reiterate concern over inflation, primarily fueled by the ongoing U.S. truck driver shortage and recent higher grain prices. Tyson shares have fallen about 12% this year mainly on those inflation fears and broader retail disruption (thank you, Amazon (AMZN) - Get Report ), but at 10 times forward earnings and Tyson's strong portfolio of products the stock seems like a screaming bargain. Eat it up!

Around the Horn 

(1) Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report CEO Elon Musk is a billionaire on a mission. He's not out to rid the Earth of fossil fuels by 2020 but to obliterate short-sellers. The sad thing is that Musk's short-selling killing efforts (he just bought a fresh chunk of stock) are unlikely being fueled by a desire to reset Tesla's shareholder base with long-term holders. Instead, Musk probably just likes tossing around cash and watching shorts get crushed simply because he could and it's fun. Too bad, Musk could use the vote of confidence from new shareholders that weren't insulted by the first-quarter earnings call. Nevertheless, with Musk lurking over Tesla's stock with his large wallet, betting against the company at this critical time in its history is a silly -- and painful -- move. Musk realizes a falling stock price is bad while he is probably out fielding interest for fresh capital, so he will do what he can to inflate the stock.

(2) Get back to work, people. The volume of shares traded in major indices around the world -- including the S&P 500 I:GSPC  -- plunged during the Knockout Round Matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, according to data published by Thomson Reuters. The trading volume in the United States dipped 43% during the games of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The World Cup begins Thursday, so be on the lookout for weird stock moves.

(3) Shout out to TheStreet's founder Jim Cramer, who took Nvidia (NVDA) - Get Report haters to task on his latest monthly Action Alerts PLUS member call. Said Cramer: "I don't know how long we have to put up with the naysayers at Nvidia, they're really starting to piss me off. Before, the rap was the stock would fall apart because of its cryptocurrency [exposure] and its cryptocurrency chip [demand] is slowing down. Now the wrap is that it's doing poorly because it isn't going to introduce a new gaming chip anytime soon. Jensen Wong didn't speak at a conference, well a gaming conference, hence the comments. A gaming conference, admittedly, you know I can see that, but I mean, what are we? It's at $265 a share, the high is $266, am I supposed to sweat something that's up 37% for the year? This is hilarious, given that they have the best gaming chip in the market. What's the point in making the most brilliant chip immediately obsolete from when they just introduced it? I say to the sellers, move on and find a new slant." For real.

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