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Tesla Daily on the Tesla Bot and Why He's Excited for Q3 and Q4

Rob Maurer of Tesla Daily joined TheStreet to talk about the Tesla Bot, interviewing Elon Musk one day and why he's excited about Q3 and Q4.

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That was just one question that Tesla Daily host Rob Maurer

The Tesla Bot

Tesla is in the middle of developing the Tesla Bot.

The robot was announced earlier this summer. CEO Elon Musk said the company plans to adapt the artificial intelligence technology it's developing for autonomous driving to make humanoid robots.

Musk detailed his company’s plans to expand the use of artificial intelligence at an event in Palo Alto, Calif.

Artificial intelligence is seen as key to Tesla’s efforts to deploy fully autonomous self-driving vehicles.

Musk introduced the presentation describing "deep AI activity" at Tesla and claiming that "we are arguably the leaders in real-world AI."

And Maurer thinks that the bot is actually in line with Tesla's ambitions to be innovative.

Why Is Maurer Excited About the Third and Fourth Quarters?

"It's been a wild 18 months for Tesla. Obviously, we saw the huge run in 2020. Things have slowed down a little bit year-to-date but over the last 12 months--as you said--[the stock] is up roughly 50%...Tesla, even after that huge run, is showing some pretty good ability to stay at these levels. And I'm excited for what the rest of the year has to hold for us with Q3 and Q4," Maurer explained

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