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Swine Flu Stocks to Watch

Companies in the flu-vaccine space could move higher.

Updated from 11:59 a.m. EDT


talking about the swine flu

, whom it might affect, where it is spreading and how to contain it. Swine flu, derived in part from a strain of influenza endemic to pigs, has thus far been detected in humans in Mexico, the U.S., Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Israel and Scotland.

According to Mexican health officials, more than

150 people have died in that country

as a result of the virus. It is estimated that more than 1,900 people in Mexico have been hospitalized, prompting the government to shut down

schools, sports clubs, swimming pools and other public places

. Of the 50 or so cases reported in the U.S., most have been mild and none have been fatal.

As swine flu dominates news reports and water-cooler chats, publicly traded biotechnology firms that operate in the viral and flu space are seeing renewed interested in their shares.

recent news out this morning is suggesting that the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. government might produce swine flu vaccines to prevent a further outbreak. If true, any and all companies related to the space will move materially higher.

At Stockpickr, we've compiled a

Swine Flu Stocks

portfolio of stocks that might benefit from the recent outbreak and the buzz surrounding it. The portfolio includes such names as




Pure Bioscience



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