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Who says storage has to be boring? Check out these new and stylish ways to store all your data.

Signature Mini USB 2.0 Portable Drive

For a superb stylish and colorful external drive try the newSignature Mini USB 2.0 portable drive. It was designed by Pininfarina, famous for Italian sports-car design since 1930.

The casing has a velvety texture, making it easy to grab.Cool colors include blueberry, marshmallow, bubble gum, kiwi,cool mint, black cherry and black.

Not only are these crisp colors easy to see in a dimly litairplane, but they come in a variety of sizes to carry all your data files, photos, videos and music.

It comes bundled with Fabrik Ultimate Backup online service with 2GBof free online storage.

Just plug one in, and inside you'll find smart ways to protect and manage all your precious stuff. It includes both local and online backup for unbeatable, total protection.

With Fabrik Local Backup software, you can set up automatic backups from your computer to your Signature Mini, while Fabrik Ultimate Backup (2 GB free) provides secure, online storage that's safe from real-world mishaps. It works in the background, for constant, near-real time protection without bogging down your computer.

Kingston DataTraveler Mini Fun USB drive

For the sporty business traveler, there is the new Kingston DataTraveler Mini Fun USB Flash drive.

What sets this little drive apart is not only the bright colors -- yellow, purple and red -- but the fact that they resemble little lego blocks, which might just remind you to lighten up on the road.

It is small enough to attach to your keychain or mobile phone to store your favorite documents, photos and music. And for extra fun it comes preloaded with two puzzle games, Sudoku and Atlantis, for all the downtime slugging through airport security.

Site to See

Flight Delay

This is your one-stop site to see if there are any flight delays or whether you might be flying into a massive back-up. It's a great resource to change your itinerary before it's too late. The site has aiport codes and there is a scroll-down menu to see up-to-the-minute time delays.

You would be surprised how often "wind" is a factor and can delay a flight by several hours.

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