NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- We asked readers on Twitter and Facebook what shows Netflix (NFLX) - Get Report should bring back in response to Jeanine Poggi's story today.

Here's what you said:

newsagg on Twitter


Prison Break, LoneStar

theRyanShapiro on Twitter



rtwhite11 on Twitter

: "Bring back

Pushing Daisies

. Loved that show."

zdFYRashid on Twitter

: "I guess

21 Jump Street

is too old to make the list?"

Aurock on Twitter

: "Netflix should bring back


! That would get me to resubscribe."

Giuseppe S. Cicco on Facebook



Sharon Granger on Facebook

: "Rod Serling's

Twilight Zone


Jason Cannon on Facebook



Nathan Niles on Facebook

: "



Who's the Boss?




Mork & Mindy

, etc. it would be funny to watch these kinda shows again."

Josh Stricoff on Facebook


Married With Children

menevets in the story comments

: "Mission Impossible. The original series, nothing like the movies."

ian schulze in the story comments

: "All My Children? One Life to Live?"

Check out the story:

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