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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Depending on where you live, gas has either broken the $4-a-gallon barrier or it's about to. We recently asked our Facebook fans if gas prices are affecting their travel routines.

Here's what you said:

Eric Brinsfield


"That, and how much I spend."

Calvin Wilson


"Yep! Can't even afford to commute to college!"

Michael Massetti


"Nope ... have a hybrid! Bring it on..."

Kamil Skawinski


"What I spend on gas, I recoup on energy stocks and gold."

Steven Shideler


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"Gas ain't my problem. Food prices are up 36-78% here in South Korea. That's hurting."

Brian Pierce


"I decided that since I can afford to drive to work 4 out of 5 days, that I will just take a vacation day weekly, or give up groceries maybe. maybe ole Mitt might just send my job, I won't need gas to go to work..."

Larry Joe Luna


"Yep. Office is already talking about carpooling"

Rebecca Walsh


"Yes. I hate having to spend more at the pump. Hell I hate spending money period, unless it's going to make me $"

Dallas R. Doughty


"Nope, bought a Prius and traveling at 50 mpg."

Neil Kingsbeck


"Yes, I only go to the casino every other day now."

Johan Jimenez


"lucky for me my job is only 20mins away and I take public trans!"

Sergius Paulus


"Horse Feed and Hay: i get it pretty cheap. I've got an ATV that gets me around!"

Eric Guilbault


"I change my Cadillac for a smaller car"

Lola Perez


"Yes, making big changes. Using the car only to work & stay home evenings & weekends. Spend time walking, reading & time with family at home :) Cutting back big time!"

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