Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 25.

Ok, you're done eating that marathon meal - now get yourself to the gym.

And odds are good you have a Crunch Gym franchise in your neighborhood. The company has sold over 600 franchises in its first 6 years, with 13 new clubs opening this month alone.

And they just announced the recent sale of their 100th franchise in 2016, which makes the company one of fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers.

We got to "take a walk" with Ben Midgley, CEO of Crunch Franchise and talk about their notion of high-value, low-priced fitness.

Planet Fitness, where was once Midgley president, originated the concept. It basically means you have access to a gym full of equipment for around $10 a month. And that can mean really "high value" to someone who does not want help or fitness classes while at the gym. Crunch has tried to take it a step further by adding small group classes and personal training, while still keeping memberships from $9.95 and $24.95 month.

Interested in owning a franchise? He has a tight group of about 60 owners now but there is always room for more. You'll need a net worth of $1 million and liquid capital of $400,000 to join the club though.

But the good news is that people care about their health more than ever and that, even in a tough economy, $10 a month is probably still tolerable.